Trying to decide the best schools to apply to for trading.

I'm a high schooler upperclassman looking to find some target schools for Hedge Funds/Trading in general. My relatives have given me a lot of advice and insight on trading, and it might be something I'd like to pursue. I also understand hedge funds are very selective, and even with a schools name backing me, it's very hard to get an offer. I'd like to see though which of these schools is best for recruiting, regardless. I'd be majoring in Applied Mathematics (or a concentration in it) at each school, and I'm already applying to NYU (target), Penn state (safety), & Stony Brook (Safety). I need 3 reaches and two targets from this list, and I organized them by their target rating from the list of IB/PE/HF targets on WSO, from A- to ST (Super target). I also put what I'd be applying if I chose the school (EA, Ed, etc), since some of these are near-impossible to get in RD. Thanks.

Stanford REA ST

Yale REA ST 

MIT (Non Sloan) EA S+

U Chicago ED 2 S+

Columbia ED S+ 

Cornell (Non Dyson) ED S+

Notre Dame (Non Mendoza) REA S 

U Michigan Ann Arbor (Non Ross) EA S

UC Berkeley (Non Haas) RD S

Northwestern RD A+

USC (Non Marshall) EA A

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crzytrdr236, what's your opinion? Comment below:

This might be unpopular, but if you're looking into anything quantitative (like quant roles at these hedge funds), Carnegie Mellon should be on your list imo. They have a bachelors in computational finance program that you might be interested in!

leveragedawg07, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Dude you just posted a target school list for banking

benjamin_k, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Any better schools for trading? It seems some of them are targets for both, which is why I put most of them there. No one really posts full lists for target quant/trading/HF schools.

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That's because the target school list for both are very similiar with the exception of MIT/Caltech.  Focus on getting into even one of those schools first before even trying to come up with a useless list. 

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