Growth Equity Analyst vs MBB Offer FT Offer

Senior undergrad at non-target school. Was somehow lucky enough to have received a full time offer from two MBB firms and one GE shop (think JMI Equity/GA/Summit). Really not sure which to pick. Curious what thoughts are on this? Very interested in growth equity, I am quite extroverted and loved the sourcing aspect (I will be in an analyst role so will have to model a bit but will have lots of sourcing in the beginning) but not sure if I see myself being an investor in the long term. I would love to be a ceo one day of a company and thought MBB would be the right route but also growth equity sounds fun and is a bit newer to me. My interviewers from MBB were saying GE is really hard to get into and that they honestly think I should maybe take the GE offer. Curious how hard if it is easier to transition into GE-> consulting as opposed to consulting to GE? 

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GA hard no, Summit likely yes, JMI depends.

GA - Can search elsewhere, it's a trash 2-and-out program where you aren't left with any recent skills and I don't tend to see GA analysts get hired into venture growth roles. You have no skills for buyouts. Bad role. Also the same culture as PE and the firm is for sure navigating growing pains as it becomes a large pre-IPO platform. Wouldn't take it.

Summit - it's a sourcing shop and I think they still promote internally. You can ask your recruiter. If that's the case, I would take it. I've talked to those guys a bunch and they still get alpha from their sourcing strategy. Blows my mind, but it works. Can't say no to making money.

JMI - IIRC they don't really promote those guys internally so if that's the case I could see an edge decision, but JMI is super respected in growth so you can easily get another job in growth from there at a place like ICONIQ or something like that. Personally would take this one but that's with the benefit of hindsight knowing growth was the right industry for me. Still, opens doors in tech investing. Would take, but can see both decisions.

Consulting to GE will be doable but within the first 4-5 years of your career you can easily go from GE to consulting. Consulting is a very fun and whimsical job. The psychological distance of being an advisor rather than an owner is real, so the work feels fairly whimsical. Investing, even growth, still comes with it a burden of psychological urgency and real risk taking. You should decide whether or not you want to sleep in the bed you make, because consulting is a bit light and airy in the sense that you are no more than an advisor so you do not have to sleep with your decisions to the same degree (now, this might not be true for a senior partner, but you feel this stress all the time in investing seats).

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