Which 1st year summer internship (Fintech/Startup) for IBD SA London?

Hi, am a freshman at a target in the UK hoping to break into IBD. Have done a few spring weeks in investment banks & AM, so I do have "finance-related" experience on my CV. 

Was unable to secure a boutique PE/IB internship in my home country in Asia and my cold emailing have only landed me 2 offers in the Fintech/start-up space. Am struggling to decide which work experience is better considering both aren't related. 

1) Accounting/FP&A at a pretty big Fintech firm, but I think there is going to be more data entry/accounting and less modelling/the FP&A side.

2) An internship at a very new start-up incubator/studio -- going to be more focused on sourcing start-ups, talking to start-ups and operations with a bit of fundraising, angel investing due diligence as well. 

Granted I do have some spring weeks, I feel quite secure about the "finance" part of things and will be using the summer to get better at IBD technicals. Am looking for the internship that would look 1) more impressive 2) more interesting for interviews. I think I'll definitely use either experience to leverage into TMT IB. The 2nd one while less finance-y might give me more interesting stuff, but in the fintech firm I may get more exposure to financial statements, accounting etc. 

1 spring is only a fast-track and the others were not convertible so I still have to reapply coming fall. 

Would love to get a 2nd opinion on this. Option 2 pays 20% lower but both internships in general don't pay that well, and the pay isn't that big of an issue. 

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