MSc in Wealth Management

Which are the best MSc programs to work in Private Banking / Wealth Management?
It seems the only specialised programs are from these unis:
- University of Geneva
- Luxembourg School of Finance
- International University of Monaco
- Queen Mary University of London
Does anyone have any insight on how these programs place in Europe / UK?


I know a guy who did the Master in Luxembourg. He liked it. 

A lot of the teachers are working in the industry and you get access to some good internships. 


this sounds like a stupid masters program since 75%+ of success in PWM is sales/hustle/network

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Idk, I'm already at a top uni and I feel like the prestige is not worth it: great to get into local smaller firms but idk if big names care that much. I wouldn't be studying PWM in depth in a generalist MSc fin.

Plus, wealth management is more distributed across the regional offices, I really don't think London was the center of Private Banking in the EMEA region (unlike ER or IBD) even before Brexit, (if someone could elaborate on this It would be great). Many BBs don't even open wealth management summer internships in London.

I feel like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco are the best places to be for Private Wealth Management, and it's not a coincidence that the unis of those countries have specialised MSc in Wealth Management, so I was considering a MSc there also from a networking perspective.

Swiss or Luxembourg unis are like 5% the cost of LSE / Imperial, and I don't even have right to work in the UK. But the most important point, is that I don't think London is the best place for WM.

I would love to hear some more opinions on this!


You made some really good points so you've clearly thought this through and I'm not really in a position to tell you exactly what to do (we're about the same age), was just giving my two cents. Some rebuttals I have: studying finance professions in-depth is 10x less useful than actually being in the job. When recruiting for finance, I believe therefore that (if recruiting is your main goal, as opposed to intellectual stimulation or whatever) you should target whatever course helps you get into that role as seamlessly as possible. Whether that be a generalist MFin or an MSc WM.

I would probably agree that London is not the centre of wealth management in Europe although it is a big hub and there are A LOT of wealth managers/PBs here. All the large banks have PB/PWM arms and have European HQs here. I used to work for a slightly smaller Swiss PB in London which has a healthy operation here. However, you're right that Switz, Lux and Mon are also big hubs. I don't really know what the exact market size comparison is.

Cost is a very important factor of course and you should definitely take the best value for money you can get. I will say though that studying in the UK gives you an automatic 2-year right-to-work I believe. After which point, I'm not sure what happens, but I imagine the firm sponsors you to stay. So you don't need to worry about working rights.

Good luck!


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