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I saw the other "asked to resign" thread and figured I would post my own story. I've been working for an m&a boutique on the west coast for the past year and was just told that I have thirty days until I am being let go. It's a difficult role and my performance hasn't met the lofty expectations of those above me. I don't love the work and it's not something I want to be doing forever so it's not a huge blow. I saw the writing on the wall a month ago and started my search knowing full well that I wouldn't have much time left. Fortunately, our group head has a heart and gave me the extra time to find something else rather than punting me out on the spot. I can come into the office if I choose to, but it isn't required. Needless to say, I won't be going into the office much...

So, for you monkeys that have been in job purgatory, I have a few questions:

1) I am in different stages of the interview process with a half dozen firms. On my CV I state that I am employed by current firm which is obviously true. I am wondering how I should approach the situation with these firms if the interview process extends beyond 30 days. If I am interviewing with firms after 30 days that received my CV before my termination am I obliged to state that I was let go?

2) If I resign before the 30 days expire would that simply show as willful termination on my part or is there some career "forced to resign" sticker attached to my work history?


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