$399 suit supply suit vs $499 suit supply suit?

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Spoke to a rep and he said the construction is the same. Directly from the rep - "but we do buy the fabric in bulk for our Blue Line Napoli's which is why we can offer them at the lower price point. These specific suits are also not normally re-produced."

Anyone have experience with either?

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Jun 25, 2017

So in other words, both suits are the same fabric, but different brand names? This is very common.
However, since there are two brands, it is possible the higher-priced one nicer stitches or at least nice visible touches that matter to YOU.

Look at the cheap one and see if you like it. If you do, great. However, any suit will suit anyone as long as its tailored.

Jun 29, 2017

Check em out in person and see what you prefer, seems like the specific fabric is the only difference

Jun 29, 2017

Yes, same fabric get the cheaper one.

Jun 29, 2017

I've owned both. I believe they don't sell the lower-priced one in stores. That being said, get it. It's exactly the same as the other Napoli suits I own, just slightly different fabric. However, this is not a bad thing.

The way they described it to me is, they go to mills in Italy and take all the extra blue wool and construct a bunch of Napoli suits, and sell those for $399. Same construction. Same suit.

Tl;dr, get the cheaper one and take it in to a Suit Supply to have it fitted. Make sure they don't have your pant legs hemmed 2 inches above your ankle, though...

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Jun 30, 2017

Yeah, it's the same fabric. I love suit supply but my legs are too big for their pants. :(

Aug 20, 2017