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im sure this was talked about before but i have a pretty bad hair line / going bald. im pretty insecure about it even tho i know it doesnt matter. i'm a few years out of school and not many of my friends are in the same boat. has anyone tried finn? if so, did you experience any side effects? thats the only reason i havent started it yet. minoxidil has worked somewhat but recently has left me dry and with some dandruff


Based on the WSO Dataset, the topic of hair loss and the use of Finasteride (often referred to as "Finn") has indeed been discussed. Many in the finance industry have faced similar concerns due to stress and other factors. Here's a summary of the insights shared:

  1. Finasteride as a Treatment: Finasteride is recommended for preventing hair loss progression by blocking the conversion from testosterone to DHT, which is a major cause of Androgenic Alopecia. It might even help regrow some hair.

  2. Side Effects: Side effects of Finasteride are relatively rare, with studies indicating that only 1-2% of users might experience erectile dysfunction among other side effects. However, it's crucial to have a conversation with your doctor before starting any treatment to understand the risks and benefits based on your health profile.

  3. Minoxidil: You mentioned using Minoxidil with some success but experiencing dryness and dandruff. It's noted that quitting Minoxidil can lead to a temporary worsening of hair loss, but you should return to your baseline eventually. For the dryness and dandruff, consulting with a dermatologist for a suitable moisturizing scalp treatment could be beneficial alongside your current regimen.

  4. Personal Experience and Advice: The individual sharing this advice emphasized the importance of consulting a doctor before starting on Finasteride and shared a willingness to discuss further via private message, indicating a personal journey with these treatments.

Remember, while these treatments can be effective, individual results may vary, and professional medical advice is paramount. If you're considering Finasteride, it's essential to weigh the potential benefits against the side effects and discuss these with a healthcare provider who understands your medical history and concerns.

Sources: How much damage has banking done to your life?, Is everyone's experience this brutal?, How much damage has banking done to your life?, Anyone has experience of taking the SIE/FINRA exams by remote proctor??

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I've been on Fin for ~1 year now and haven't experienced any negative side effects. I haven't seen any regrowth, but I'm only a Norwood 2 so I can live with this. Haven't tried Min yet, but will if my hairline inches back at all. As long as my hairline doesn't move I'm happy with Fin as its not too expensive and I've seen zero downside thus far.


The commonly alluded to sexual side effects after a few months on the drug.  Once off the medication, they went away.  

Unsure on the topical/oral minoxidil difference but given the pill is just so damn easy, cheap, and has no sides, I don't see why you wouldnt give it a shot as part of your arsenal.  Fin has sides, topical min is greasy, oral min seems to at least avoid the two big issues with the other two options.  

It certainly does NOT stop hair loss or help regrowth, but I've been buying nioxin #2 noticeably thinning shampoo for 10+ years and believe it helps make your hair 'look' thicker but not having it get so oily or weighed down.


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