Accenture TC Analyst (Federal) vs. Deloitte Analytics Consultant (Federal)

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Hey what's up guys.

I've received two offers so far and I'm really having trouble deciding between them. Here are the details about the two below. In terms of salary, Accenture is much more competitive and overs 1.5 for over 40 hours per week. Deloitte's salary is 5K less than Accenture's and does not offer compensation for overtime. Both have comparable signing bonuses and relocation bonuses. Honestly don't really care about money that much as long as I can live comfortably in the DC area and go out a lot.

Position: Federal Technology Consulting Analyst --> Systems Integration --> Business & Technology Integration
Pros: High Salary, potential to make a lot of money, a lot of project opportunities
Cons: Long hours

Position: Analytics Consultant (Federal)
"You will perform detailed data analysis to develop meaningful insights necessary to address regulatory and business challenges for agencies."
Pros: Good brand, interesting work
Cons: Salary is 5K less than Accenture

So overall, when looking for potential jobs these three things are most important to me:
1. Ability to get into Top 10 MBA program and have company pay for it
2. Exit Opportunities - looking to eventually go out to San Francisco/Austin, TX and get out of federal
3. Fastest career progression track

Eventually, I'd like to go back to a top 10 business school and work in corporate strategy or upper management or MBB. My gut instinct is to choose Deloitte because most people from my school almost always take Deloitte over Accenture. Does anyone have an overall recommendation of which career choice I should go with?

Some other questions:
1. Which company is more prestigious?
2. Is it possible to negotiate salary with Deloitte to match Accenture's offer?
3. Which one is more of a "hang out with your coworkers and get drunk after work" culture?
4. Which company is more fun?

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Nov 3, 2015

IMO I would go with Deloitte over Accenture as Analytics work is far more interesting than systems integration projects. SI tends to get very monotonous over time. I have a friend who works in Analytics in Deloitte and she definitely puts in long hours there as well. Your expected to do a lot of firm wide work in addition to project stuff.

Also, for getting into MBB post MBA, think Analytics would position better than systems integration.

In terms of drinking culture.. this depends on the team your on. At Accenture, you can expect this to change by project. so culture is definitely project specific. Can't generalize too much here.

I wouldn't get too caught up on prestige when it comes to the likes of Accenture & Deloitte. Their both decent firms but neither stand out as much as MBB or BB IB firms. so.. people's opinion of you based on either firm is not likely to change.

Nov 3, 2015

Anyone know if Deloitte will negotiate for salary with entry level hires?

Nov 4, 2015

Maybe not since they have an entire universe of candidates to choose from. Why pay someone who is unsure of where he wants to be an extra amount, when there are others who would love to work at Deloitte for less..
The work that's done hardly requires too much original thinking, so there are tons of ppl who can do it.

Nov 3, 2015

Sorry, this is off-topic, but congrats! Is analytic consultant part of Deloitte Consulting? Which arm is it?

Nov 3, 2015

I do not believe analytics is part of Deloitte Consulting LLP. Rather, Deloitte Advisory (under Deloitte & Touche LLP).

Nov 4, 2015

Is Deloitte Advisory any less prestigious than Deloitte Consulting?

Nov 5, 2015