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Just like we announced late last year that we made a big change to our techincal and behavioral finance interview guides with actual questions from actual recent interviews (using data from the WSO Company Database), we now have the same thing to announce for Make Your Case: Master Consulting Case Interviews!

Now, not only will you get access to our 11 original challenging cases written exclusively for WSO from a McKinsey associate, but you now will have hundreds of other interview questions and cases revealed across the following 10 firms:

1. McKinsey
2. Boston Consulting Group
3. Bain & Company
4. Oliver & Wyman
5. Accenture
6. Deloitte
7. Booz Allen Hamilton
8. Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC)
10. Ernst & Young (E&Y)

* Previous customers with any of the old versions should e-mail their receipts to [email protected] to get the updated copies.

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Interview prep will never be the same...

Using the power of our community, Wall Street Oasis just changed the game, again. With over 4,000 interview insights in our Company Database, we have a lot of data on what the top consulting firms are asking, how hard the interviews are and different tendencies and trends.

Why am I announcing it now?
This is by far the most significant improvement we've made to our consulting guide in years and it will continue to evolve, update at least once a year and get better as trends change.

Anyone who has already bought the consulting guide will get the updates for free. Please know that these dramatic improvements took hundreds of hours of work that went into building the WSO Company Database and updating these guides. We will continue to give free updates to past customers as we improve the guides year after year, even as the price increases.

Get the Consulting Case Interview Guide to Your Inbox Now

As always, our thousands of happy customers get updates for free - all you have to do is e-mail [email protected] a copy of your receipt and she will get you the new versions with 24-48 hours. If you don't have a copy yet, I wouldn't wait since the price is only going to get higher as we make it a better resource over time.

Whether you purchase the guide or not, I want to wish you all the best of luck this interview season! I hope you find WSO to be the most informative and entertaining resource for consulting careers.

Thank you for supporting WSO!

ps - If you'd like to see more consulting firms detailed in the new consulting guide, please list them in the comments below and they will be added over the coming months and years as we get more and more interview insights to the WSO Company Database.