Does anybody here have any information on Morgan Stanley's Chicago IBD office? I've done a search on this forum, and there's little to no information available.

From what I can gather, MS Chicago:

  • Has a generalist program for analysts
  • Smaller office (how small, exactly?)
  • Mainly focuses on industrials and consumer retail

Any information on culture/hours/exit opps?

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Did you hear back? I had an interview with them on Monday.


Did you hear back? I had an interview with them on Monday.

if u r from ross, superday is next Tuesday.


Industrials and consumer retail focus is true. I would consider MS the #2 to JPM in Chicago. As far as culture, it is a very tight nit group with about 20-30 bankers in total (7-8 analysts, I know of one each from USC and ND). They have a Vice Chairman who sits there as well. Core schools for their office are definetely ND and UofM- many people in the office are huge Notre Dame fans and they actually have company events around the Fighting Irish football season. IMHO (FWIW) the office was a bit too fratty for my liking (even the senior bankers).


Has anyone heard back from the superday?


got my offer yesterday


Has anyone else heard back? Did anyone get called with a no?


if you didn't hear back by now, you didnt get the offer


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