Anybody else feel like no job is prestigious enough for what they deserve?

You've all seen that autistic post about how IBD is the new big 4, and that couldn't be any truer. (although DCM was always the equivalent of big 4). Nowadays, a bunch of unpolished, poor and colored folks are managing to break in, even at the holy EBs. It's my outlook that the only prestigious jobs left are PE MF (Only BX,KKR,APO - Bain and Carlyle doesn't make the cut) and MBB consulting due to their low headcounts and difficulty to break in.

All other jobs are basically back office, as biglaw plebs at the partner level barely make more than a rainmaker VP in IBD. Quants and SWEs cap out at a pathetic comp in the high six figures and doctors are essentially blue collar workers but with more student debt.

C suite execs are still somewhat prestigious, but even those cucks jamie dimon and d sol make less than some global head at PE MF. In addition, there's something called the "layman's prestige paradox", where if Uncle Jack the plumber or that slutty broad you met at Mykonos can explain what you do or has heard of your job without the need to mansplain, your job isnt mystical or prestigious enough.

Is the last remaining bastions of prestige in this desolate world truly MBB, BX/KKR/APO and C suite execs at a BB? Or does the "lower high finance" such as PJT RSSG and GS TMT jobs make the cut? Discuss below and make sure to praise PE because I work in PE.

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  • Intern in IB - Gen
Oct 14, 2021 - 11:04am

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