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I want to apply for consulting internships in the U.S., preferable NY or Boston, however I will be abroad all year next year in London. I was wondering how applying for internships typically work. I realize most people say that hiring is normally done at schools that are closer to the offices, i.e. Boston office will have Harvard and MIT and NY will have Columbia and NYU, however if I am in London and want to work in NY is there any way of applying to the NY office and standing a chance, or should I just focus on trying for an internship in London.

I am not opposed to working in London, just prefer to intern in the states if it would be possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Aug 19, 2007

Hi all

I am looking for Investment banking internships in Manila. (I am expected to be there in first week of september)

Can some kind soul suggest some companies I must look for.


Aug 20, 2007

But it looks like you go to school in the U.S. You can probably just submit your resume as you would if you were in the U.S. I'm sure you're intending to come back for the summer?

Aug 20, 2007

thank you. What I meant more was that I realize a large part of consulting interviews are based on cases and seeing how a person reacts and examines various options, and since I have no where near enough money to fly back and forth between London and New York for interviews, will I be able to interview over the phone or in London for positions in New York or do you normally need to interview in the office that you want to intern in.

Yes I am planning to come back for the summer, that is why I would like to intern in the U.S.

Aug 21, 2007

If you qualify for an initial interview, they'll contact you (e-mail or phone). They might expect you to be on campus for an interview if they're visiting, and they'll probably tell you about that stuff first. Since you're not going to be on campus, you can tell them you're abroad. It's not uncommon for on-campus interviews to be replaced entirely by a phone interview if either you or your firm will not be present.

After that, it's time for an on-site 2nd round if you get it. Is cost your only concern? Remember that most employers will be covering your travel expenses. They fly you in for an on-site interview. Your situation is really no different from a Stanford student, for example, who has to interview at McKinsey's NY office. They're not expecting everyone to be a subway stop away. I think the most important part is getting the interview in the first place. After that, I'm sure something can be worked out with your employer. So let things play out first.

Aug 21, 2007

thanks. I only have interviewed for some banking positions at a couple of BB and MM's and there they asked me to come up for the interview on my own dime so I wasn't sure if banks and consulting firms only flew people out for full time interviews.

I definitely am not saying that I am definitely gonna get the interview at McKinsey, just wanted to know if it was a realistic shot to expect an interview from a NY based consulting firm considering I wouldn't be able to fly out and interview in person for a first round interview.

Sep 10, 2007