Are Co-workers/Colleagues your friends?

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Do you consider your Co-workers/Colleagues your friends? I bring this up because the following happened earlier in a previous thread that sparked some good conversation and debate:

Going Concern:

Eh, I think a snarky email is ok once in a while.

Disagree. I think it's categorically not okay. The problem with email is that it can be forwarded and leaves an easily accesible permanent trace. The deficiency is of the medium, not the possible content. A chat message or face-to-face can't be forwarded, or at least not as easily captured and used maliciously. In the finance playground, you never really know who your friends are, or who will remain as such.

This. All day. This goes for all professional environments, not just banking. Generally speaking, when there is money, potential promotion, or recognition involved, never trust that your peers/colleagues are showing their full hand. On numerous occasions I've been called in to a superior's/supervisor's/manager's office and walked in to the buzz saw commonly known as "some other dickhead's email." Never a good thing. Once you fire off an email you no longer own it. You have no idea (or control over) what the recipient will do with it. Intentions can be innocent or malicious. Side note: this advice does not ever apply to your friends. Your colleagues are not your friends. They are your colleagues. You can be social and genuine amongst colleagues. They are still colleagues. Not friends. It is always acceptable to tell your friends to go fuck themselves with their father's baby dick via email. Never ok to tell your colleagues that you wish the Associate/VP/MD/Jesus would go fuck themselves with their father's baby dick via email. Verbally over drinks on the other hand is ok... as long as you're drinking Uncle Eddie's rum and not something out of a champagne flute...

I know exactly zero people who have been working more than ten years who would disagree with this sentiment. Co-workers are not your friends.

So how about it WSO? Are Co-workers/Colleagues your friends? Do you believe that you can trust those you work with to cover your ass when shit REALLY hits the fan, professionally speaking? Have your views on this subject changed over the years? Have at it...

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Nov 27, 2012

They can be your friends outside of the office but in a business environment they are strictly colleagues.

Nov 27, 2012