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Hi everyone!

Looking to get my Argus Enterprise certification as a resume booster --- but also looking to avoid paying $1,200 for the certification. I believe I found a way to get the certification for $465:

  1. You can buy the exam for just: $350
  2. 3-month Argus license (needed to complete exam): $115

However, by going the above route you miss out on these resources from Argus that are included in the $1,200 package:

6 eLearning courses, Certification Manual (eBook), 3 Month Academic (Windows Compatible Only) ARGUS Enterprise License, Video Tutorial Library, Prep Exam and the ASC Exam.

** so my questions are:
1. How crucial are the learning resources to be able to pass the exam? Are there any free resources out there I can use? I do not have any on-the-job Argus experience.
2. Any one happen to recently purchase the bundle and would be able to send me the resources (if that's possible)? I'd be willing to pay you for it...
3. If anyone is interested in also getting their certification, message me and maybe we can somehow go-in on the materials together

Thanks for any input!!

**and if you are a student - I highly suggest checking with your University to see if they participate with Argus -- the cost for the student bundle is about half the price. Wish I did this a year ago!

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Mar 18, 2020

also interested

Mar 19, 2020

also interested

Mar 19, 2020

Interested too

Mar 24, 2020

My gut it that you'll end up wasting $465 by doing the shortcut method. While many of the certification questions are relevant to what you'll do on the job, others are like "What is the maximum value you can enter into the rentable area field?" Good luck figuring out those on your own.

Stepping back, this really is a bigger issue of fluff vs. substance. Even if you get certified by shortcut method, your skills will probably be vastly inferior to if you actually did the training. In fact, I'd rather do the training and not be certified than the other way around. You'll probably bomb an interview Argus test and even if you skate by, the team hiring you at a pure-play office shop will not be happy when you are horrible at Argus on your first deal.

I'm sure this isn't the answer you wanted, but it's the truth.

Mar 24, 2020

How is your financial modeling ability in general? I believe the cost-benefit of taking a CRE focused Excel modeling course vs Argus would be higher - it teaches you how everything is interconnected whereas Argus is more of a data input software. The courses are usually much cheaper, sometimes free....

Mar 26, 2020