Best career path to get into biotech hedge fund?

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I'd like to get some advice on what kind of role would provide the best training to become a competent biopharma investor @ a hedge fund.

I have a somewhat non-traditional resume for IB/PE/HF:
-Undergrad from non-target school but with 99 percentile score
-PhD from a top tier school (target school for quants) w/ well known advisor
-Corporate VC fund in biotech (1yr+ experience)
-Some startup experience in Asia

Based on what I understand about the people working in biotech investment, I should probably get some experience covering public biopharmas either on the sell-side (equity research) or on the buy-side (in PE/large asset management) before I can jump to a hedge fund.

Currently I'm interviewing at a top tier PE firm and a top tier large asset management firm.
Unfortunately, I'm not a very smooth interviewer so I expect I'll need more than 2 interviews to secure a position.

What kind of position would be best for my next move?
What is realistic for someone with my profile?

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Mar 8, 2019