Big 4 Audit vs F500 FLDP – Which is better for a lateral move into IBD after 1-3 years? - FT OFFER HELP

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I'm writing this post for a colleague of mine who is interested in getting into IBD but is unable to join a bank right after undergrad. She's got offers in external audit at a Big 4 and a Financial Leadership Development Program at a F500 (one of those rotational programs where you do some finance, acct, whatever people do in Corp. Fin. jobs).

She explicitly wants to get into banking as soon as possible. Ideally, after 1 - 3 years and then make a lateral move to be a 1st year analyst at an investment bank.

Which is better for banking? I'm leaning towards recommending Big 4 because it's more "deal" based, longer hours, more brand, acct is always good in banking. I figure that the FLDP is way to operationally focused to be relevant for banking, but she thinks that maybe having some finance and project valuation exp. would be more beneficial than external audit.

I also know a number of people who have done Big 4 to IBD but not many from F500 to IBD. What are you thoughts? Thanks!

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Oct 25, 2018

Big 4 Audit -> Big 4 TAS -> IB

Could also do B school after/in place of Big 4 TAS which would mean you would be coming in as an associate. Going straight to IB is also possible after Audit but requires a lot of networking and selling yourself.

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Oct 25, 2018