blackRock Multi-Asset Portfolio Strategies

Hey guys,

I have an interview with BlackRock for Multi-Asset Portfolio Strategies analyst position.

Many people posted information about AMG PAG FMG but I never seen people who had an interview wit MAPS

i read MAPS on BlackRock official website and it says that it's under portfolio management Group.

What can I expect from the interview? is it same as JP Morgan Asset Management - Global Multi Asst Strategies?

or general asset management?

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Feb 28,2015

Sorry for bumping this thread, but this is something I'm very interested in.

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Feb 28,2015

you would also have to take into account the currency impact - SP5 returns would be in USD and Bund would be in Euro. From here, you'd have to make some sort of speculation on where you see the currencies going. If the Bund yielded 5% meaning the price appreciated 5% and interest rates were dragged even lower, its likely the currency would depreciate with it

Feb 28,2015

Sell tons of 1yr straddle options on the S+P at 1.05 of current value?

Feb 28,2015