BMO M&A/metals and mining vs RBC M&A vs US BB's in toronto

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Hey guys, would the experience at a top Canadian bank group be better than the US BB's (BAML/CS/UBS) in Toronto?
And how is BMO M&A's reputation now. I know the top M&A groups in Toronto used to be CIBC and RBC.
Thanks for the help.

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Aug 31,2014

Apparently I need 10 banana points to even start posting links. Search "list of investment banks in toronto." It should be the first thread linking to wallstreetoasis

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Aug 31,2014

Thanks, but that doesn't answer my question.

Aug 31,2014

Turnover was high for analysts in BMO's M&A group this year. In terms of exit opps, I would assume the American BB's place better.

Aug 31,2014

You need to first state what your goals are before we can assess which banks are more appropriate. I can make a case for any of the three as being the top choice for an analyst.

Sep 30,2015