Bocconi AFC vs ESCP MiM

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Hi guys!
I received offers both from Bocconi for the Accounting and Finance Master and from ESCP for the Master in Management.

I am Italian, 2 experiences in Italy (one the finance team of a firm and one in a M&A boutique), graduated from Bocconi in Bs International Economics and Finance and I would like to work in IB or Advisory, either Milan or London.

ESCP has its strength in the good placement in London, international experience and different uni on my CV. On the other hand I don't like the management course, except for the specialisation in corp finance but will be in french and I don't speak great french.

Bocconi AFC has great placement in Milan (don't know if better than ESCP) but I am not sure about London. I really like the topics of the course but I will miss the international part of ESCP and the new school on my CV.

What do you think?