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Hi all, I'm a Canadian in IB and I was wondering who else had used BreakingBayStreet for interview prep? For those who don't know, BreakingBayStreet is a Canadian version of Breaking Into Wall Street. I tried it and had a terrible experience and I'd like to hear more stories.

For those of you considering using their services, I would highly recommend against it.

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Dec 5, 2016

Can't contribute any personal experiences with them, but was considering using them sometime in the future. Glad to see a review. Can you elaborate what you didn't like about them? Did you seek other prep which helped you land your position?

Dec 5, 2016

I ended up just going it on my own which worked out fine. I had the Breaking into Wall Street guides and I did mock interviews with friends and alumni.

I paid for the all-star team so I got a comprehensive look at every service they offer and I'll just list everything I disliked.
1. The amount of questions they have on their site is super limited, which makes sense because it's new but it should be priced accordingly. Each question has a video answer but the answers are horribly done.
2. They don't have their own templates for anything, when I asked for help with my resume they actually sent me a BIWS template.
3. They helped me write a cover letter from scratch but when I showed it to industry people I got really negative feedback on it and had to completely rewrite it.
4. The mock interviews they gave were really useless. The bank specific mocks they gave were completely different from what the interviews were actually like (part of why I paid them was for their bank expertise)
5. They're clearly not in tune with trends in hiring on the street, they gave me some really bad recruiting advice that almost ruined my chances.

When you use a service like this, the risk should be that you don't get a job, the risk shouldn't be that the service you get is garbage.

I hope this helps and I'm happy to elaborate more if you'd like. I feel pretty dumb for paying for their services and I don't want them to rip anyone else off.

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Dec 5, 2016

SB'd and thanks very much for all the info. I'm glad to see that you were able to land a position after your terrible experience with them. I don't know of any other Canadian interview prep services. Only know of the Marquee group for modelling - which I've heard great things about. I know the Big 5 banks send their analysts there, and personally know a few who said good things about it.

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Dec 11, 2016

No, but I've looked into it and it seems pretty waste. Just curious, do you have an SA offer or are you a full-time? And at what bank?

Dec 11, 2016

Some of their blog posts are interesting though lol. But yeah, would recommend biws for technical prep.

Dec 11, 2016

I've never used their interview guide but their founders seemed to have added me and just about every other finance student in Canada on linkedin so I see their blog posts. Their blog can be interesting at times but they re post a lot of things which can make the content repetitive and the videos they post which demonstrate how to answer certain types of interview questions aren't always done well but are mostly helpful as you know what the question is. Overall, it's worth accepting their linkedin invitation as you will see their blog posts for free (there is some worthwhile content) but I wouldn't totally rely on it and would continue to use BIWS and other trusted interview guides as well when you prep for interviews.

Dec 11, 2016

Although their prep guides are good, I'm fairly certain that Jay & Josh (Owners) themselves are the best resources. They take appointments for mocks, Jay in particular. Jay used to conduct interviews when he was at Scotia, and often took charge of the process. Consequently, he has a very good idea on what they are looking for, and what type of questions can be asked.

Dec 30, 2016