Bsc- Bocconi vs St Gallen va Frankfurt (or other)

Bsc- Bocconi vs St Gallen vs Frankfurt School (or other)

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of applying to university for bachelor programs. My career aim is to work for a commodity trading company or in an investment bank either in London, Switzerland, Frankfurt or Singapore but I'm having a tough time choosing which university to go to.

I'm an English speaker with no knowledge of German so I wanted to ask which university would put me in the best position for my career aims. All the courses are taught in English.
My grades are also pretty good and I have already had one internship at a large Spanish bank

I would like to have your opinion on:

  1. The university's reputation in the commodity trading or investment banking world and how active is on-campus recruiting for these schools
  2. Language: will a lack of knowledge of the local language hinder my internship & job prospects
  3. The quality of the course itself
  4. Personal experiences: from a social perspective

I am also open to other options that I may have missed that could place me well for my career.

Thank you in advance

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Oct 11, 2017

All of those are great Schools and will lead you to your Goals, if you perform well. I would suggest to you to look at other factors like costs, language, city to determine where to go.

Oct 12, 2017


Oct 23, 2017

bocconi is the most prithteejious but take that with a pinch of salt. i've heard that banks will favour italians from bocconi over international students but i dont know how true that is, I read it on WSO somewhere, i presume its to do with speaking italian.

go where ever you feel most comfortable.

Oct 23, 2017