Hey guys, I'll be interviewing for a professional business fraternity soon, and was wondering if you guys had any tips. It's a panel interview, so there will be 10-12 of them interviewing me at once. I interviewed once before, but did not get a bid.

Any specific tips? How should I structure my pitch/story? What are some good questions to ask them at the end?

I also have trouble answering random questions like "name three dead people you wish you could speak to and why"

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Being generally personable is the biggest thing in my opinion. If you met a lot of people during rush and seemed like you were genuinely nice, you have a pretty good chance. In terms of the interview, a good way to sell yourself I feel like would be talking about what you could offer the the organization, like talking about charity work or fundraising or things like that. Having answers to those general ice breaker questions is a must though, but with some prior thinking you can fake it till you make it essentially and get the bid. Fit is what they're looking for, so you can identify with the panel. I would stay away from asking them about their professional aspirations until later so you don't put them on the spot in front of the other panel members.

On another note, to be completely honest, I don't think business frats are they way to go if you want to pursue a career in finance. At least at my school, most of the members weren't finance majors, and while networking is always a good thing, there wasn't much by way of professional development. The traditional Greek system is better suited for this, simply because of the background a lot of people have (well to do families, prior family members in frats) so it's a bit more of a self-fulfilling prophecy, but obviously it's not the only way.

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Thanks for the response.

Any other ideas of what I could say I could offer the organization? I did say charity/service work, but it sounds to generic and that's what I said last time.

What kind of questions do you think I should ask at the end if not personal ones?


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It's really just fit related, they're pretty much just a business club. Be personable and not a nerd.


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