Business school and choosing the right path

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Get into top B-School program in the United States and enter Wall IB/PE after graduation

International student from a tiny country in South Asia. Completed my undergrad from a non-target in New York.
Spent a summer in Corporate and Investment Banking at a Canadian bank and did half a year of RE development after graduation. Didn't enjoy RE role, decided to move back home which has underdeveloped financial markets.

Noticed VCs and growth equity shops opening up so took that as an opportunity to start a corporate advisory business - helping businesses from a corporate finance perspective to raise capital, and investors exit their positions. Since it's a small country, I have an existing network with businesses and institutional investors that I could leverage to create deal flow. There are currently 2-3 ~$1 million deals in the pipeline (first 2 months of operation).

1. Work for big 4 firm on a finance related but non IB/non advisory role (mostly related to development of financial system in the country)
2. Work for myself and try to close a few deals on small cap raises, maybe some strategic acquisitions
3. Work for an existing local investment bank and help them build their IB business - more on the advisory side (IBs here mostly involve ECM, PWM and asset management only)

Your help would be highly appreciated.

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