Buy-side credit research to hedge fund?

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I'm a Senior at a semi-target. Large, public state school. I accepted an offer for a credit research associate analyst position covering high yield bonds. Firm is a top 20 asset manager, based on size / AUM, and I'm very excited. The team has told me there's potential for a promotion to analyst after 2 years, and the program is meant to last 4 years. They'll sponsor my CFA so I plan on sitting Level 1 this summer and going from there. I'm registered to take my GMAT in two months so I can sit on my scores and decide if I want to go back to school in 5 years, before they expire.

I'm wondering what kind of exits opps I should be looking at. I've searched around and haven't found much for credit analyst career progressions. Dream job would be working at a credit or distressed debt focused hedge fund in about 5~ years, give or take.

Questions I have:
- Do people in credit analyst positions at AM's typically just stay there?
- Should I definitely be planning for B-school if I want to exit to a hedge fund or can I do without it?
- Building off previous question, are there any Top 7 or 15 business schools that are known for placement in credit funds?
- Have any of you been through a similar career route, and would you be willing to share some advice? How can I make the most out of my upcoming 2-4 years?

Thanks in advance.

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Dec 7, 2018

Hi argtexas, check out these links:

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Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

Dec 13, 2018

Bumping the top for another attempt to get replies, will try once more after this then let the thread die.

Dec 13, 2018


1) in 5 years you will have good options for AM/HF
2) some people stay, leave opportunistically when situations arise, kinda a low turnover industry
3) not sure if specific school place better into specifically credit, look at career reports, clearly finance schools likely better. Also, to extent you go MBA but have 5 years credit buyside that's more important than school in my view
4) just work hard and be smart and try to learn as much as possible - if goal is HF/distressed seek out those situations internally

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Dec 14, 2018