Can someone explain EY-Parthenon's reorganization?

So I see a lot of talk online about EY-P moving EY OTS into EY-P, thus forming the Transaction Strategy & Execution group, thus diluting the brand of Parthenon? Is this true, or are the Growth Strategy people still pretty separate from them in terms of prestige? And I see a lot of kids on Linkedin, some with Growth Strategy, some with M&A Strategy, and others with Deal Technology? What's the difference between all of them? Also curious about prestige and exits for the groups. Thank you.

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Mar 29, 2021 - 6:03am

So essentially the breakdown is as follows:

Previously - Overarching department was transaction advisory services (TAS) and legacy EY-P/OTS/Restructuring sat under this department (along with Transaction Diligence, CF, Valuations etc)

Now the department has been renamed  Strategy and Transactions and three sub groups. One of these subgroups is "EY-P" with three teams within the subgroup

EY-P Growth Strategy (Legacy P)

EY-P Transaction strategy and Execution (Legacy OTS)

EY-P Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy (Legacy restructuring)

Deal Tech specifically sits within TSE. TSE does both operational and IT work on transactions, Deal tech is just the IT side.

Pay is the same across all three (base bandings atleast I would say Strat is probably higher in the bands at each level if that makes sense) Prestige I dunno but I would assume legacy P is most prestigious as they are "strategy" but honestly people target different exit opps from each of the groups

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