Canadian Pension Fund Private Equity interviews

Does anyone have any insights about Canadian pension fund (Teacher's, CPPIB, OMERS, CDPQ) interviews for their private equity teams? Would particularly like to know more about how many rounds should be expected, type of questions asked in each round (behav, case, paper LBO, excel LBO - how long?), and any other relevant info on the process! Thanks fellow Monkeys

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Jun 15, 2018 - 9:43pm

Hi leverageup, any of these threads helpful:

  • (Fixed) Would you join a Canadian pension funds direct equity team when already at a traditional PE shop interview coming up with a large Canadian pension fund for their direct private equity team (standalone ... evolution? Additional pros/cons? Thanks you very much! pension fund private equity

  • What is Canada comp like?
  • Canadian PE shops (Onex, Birch Hill, etc)? What are the comps like working at a PE arm of a pension fund ... Forum Resources Private Equity Industry Trends Private Equity Interview Answers PE Resume Example Why ... ? Is IBD or PE generally better in terms of long-term careers in Canada
  • Infrastructure at Canadian Pensions (PSP and CDPQ) especially when it comes to careers within Canada and know that the pension funds within Canada are becoming ...">Interviews in Private ... href="">PE Bonus
  • How competitive is Private Equity in Canada? PE groups or the pension funds..? to Wednesday, January 24, 2018- 3:55am Private Equity Forum ... Resources PE Industry Report Interviews in Private Equity Private Equity Resume Template Why Private Equity ... Interview Question Private
  • Breaking into Canadian PE industry with non Canadian/US experience Statistics PE Interviews Private Equity CV Template Question: Why Private Equity? Private Equity Associate ... Hi Guys- Is there any chance to get into the Canadian PE industry with around 10 years of non ... Canadian/USA PE, investment banking/asset management experience. Experience was most
  • Corp Dev vs Niche MM PE vs PE at Pension Fund / SWF perhaps slightly less but still good Western European pension fund investing role, generalist PE coverage ... Europe). Comp okay (definitely lower than IB on base, limited bonus) Middle market private equity focused ... Which would you choose and why? private equity post mba associate IBD ...
  • PE at a Canadian Pension Plan or M&A at Big Four for Junior Internship the big Canadian pension plan, for international private equity. The thing is they don't really ... I'm currently a junior at a Canadian university. Tried recruiting for some of the BBs that ... Canadian banks. I have now been approached by a friend at one of the big four looking for an intern on the ...
  • Overview of Infrastructure Private Equity investments). History of infrastructure private equity funds Unlike traditional PE or REPE, infra PE is ... Resources PE Industry Report PE Interviews Private Equity Resume Sample Why Private Equity Private Equity ... associate at one of the best infrastructu
  • More suggestions...

If we're lucky, maybe these professional users will respond: apprentice7697 PropTaxArb93 yep yep

You're welcome.

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