Canadian (Toronto) IBD (Big 5 & BB) FT placements 2010

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I am wondering how many the Canadian banks (toronto) hired this year. Please post any relevant figures that might be available at this time. Has hiring improved/decreased from last year? What is your hiring outlook for SA 2011?

Also, stats on toronto BB offices are also greatly appreciated

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Sep 26, 2010

RBC Capital Markets was looking to hire 75 analysts (IB+S&T) but I am not sure if it was overall recruitment or just Canadian recruitment. My guess is that it is overall recruitment (Canada + NY + L ondon).

I also heard Canadian recruitment for '09 was extremely low.

Finally, I have a friend, who is well connected, top 3 canadian university (math major) did 2 years worth of trading internships in HK and Canada (BBs) and still has an internship position in trading at a top Canadian bank. Goes to show how hard it to break in.

Sep 26, 2010

top 3 canadian university (math major) - Waterloo?

Sep 26, 2010

well I mean i dunno what are the top 3 really, but I assumed mcgill is on it :)

Sep 26, 2010

There are different definitions for "top 3".

Generally accepted definition on online communities (for top finance placements):
1. Ivey HBA
2. Queen's Commerce
3. McGill

General top 3 (not considering finance placements, just overall reputation -- an irrelevant metric imo):
U of T / McGill are both considered the "best" in Canada
UW for engineering/math

Sep 26, 2010

Rough numbers

IBD across Canada
RBC ~5
BMO ~10-20
Scotia ~ 4-5

no insight as to the others

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Oct 4, 2010

at 2nd rounds for CIBC they planned to hire 2 analysts, worst case, with a max of 4 if it was a truly amazing candidate pool. Though this time over the banks have been hiring, but alot of it happened earlier in 2010 with off-season hires.

Sep 26, 2010

Now that enough time has passed and recruiting is essentially over, please update any numbers that you guys might have.

Oct 28, 2010

Hiring has improved from last year, but it's definitely still competitive. I can't comment for all firms, but I can gauge roughly how many they took for FT (for Toronto IBD)

CS took 3 from FT
GS none hired during FT (2 SA signed back)
MS none hired during FT, (1 SA signed back)
BAML, was looking for 1 FT
UBS was looking for ~2 FT
Barcap: looking for 1 i think

Scotia ~4-6
BMO ~10-12
RBC ~10-15
NBF ~2-4
TD prob around 8-10
CIBC ~6-8

Oct 29, 2010

these numbers are so few its crazy !! what about genuity ?

Sep 26, 2010


Oct 29, 2010

TML Forever, that's one of the first non-bullshit posts I've seen on these CDN bank topics.

Your numbers are damn solid..I can echo most of those BB numbers and a few CDN bank numbers.

Barcap signed back an SA and signed on one new FT
TD took 10-12
RBC 10-15

Don't know about Genuity but I'd say you're close in the 5 range.

Sep 26, 2010


Dec 6, 2010

Ivey's most recent placement report, I think they have about 150 students in the MBA program and 20% got placed into S&T, IB & ER. Also 4% in Investment Management and 3% in other which includes venture cap and PE.

Dec 6, 2010