Canadian Undergrad - Ivey AEO fin mod vs. UW Math/BBA double degree

Hey WSO,

So I think I've gained a little insight which undergrad program I will be choosing and it's looking like it will come down to Western Financial Modelling (Ivey HBA AEO) vs. Waterloo/Laurier Math Double Degree.

I've compile a couple main factors; the main one being the career/job aspects. Obviously and HBA with financial modelling would be aggressive for IBD but it seems UW has way better S&T opportunities. Also 5 work terms (UW) > 2 work terms (Ivey). Waterloo seems to be really good for insurance/risk kind of finance but I don't really think I'm in for that kind of stuff. If can be top of my class in DD, will there be IBD offers? Don't the big5 Canadian banks love DDs?

Some other factors: obviously Ivey is a target, UW is not, Social Aspect - I was initially in a f*ck it, just care about the academics/jobs, but I realized I'm only 18 who probably doesn't really know what he wants... Western is way better in this aspect and actually has decent girls compared to UW :. Another is tuition, Ivey is F$cking expensive!

Lastly, I initially though Ivey as potentially redundant because of the possibility for an MBA in the future, if I DD --> Top MBA either in Canada/US, won't I get the best of both worlds?


*** I know these threads are repititive but I felt that all the available ones were comparing QueensC vs. Ivey vs. Mcgill and there weren't many threads for Waterloo vs. Western at all.