Career Advice: Getting Hired Laterally or Doing Extra Year for M Acc Degree

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I am a currently a 4th-year student in a 5-year program that will allow me to graduate in May 2020 with both a BSM (Finance) degree and a Master of Accounting degree. At any point this semester, I can decide to drop out of the program and graduate next year with just my BSM degree. I would like to work in the restructuring industry after college.

Career Options:

Option 1

  • Accept FT offer at MM IB that specializes in M&A, ECM, and DCM
  • Graduate in May 2019 with BSM degree and begin FT
  • Attempt to lateral to restructuring group at different bank in May 2020

Option 2

  • Stay in program and complete a busy season 2019 accounting internship at one of the Big 4
  • Accept Summer 2019 IB internship offer at a boutique bank with a newly formed restructuring department (and hopefully get assigned to the MD that heads the group)
  • Go through FT analyst recruiting for restructuring (as a college student vs. lateral hiring in Option 1)
  • Start FT in May 2020 in the restructuring group from summer internship or at another bank

Thoughts? Opinions?

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Aug 30, 2018

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Sep 3, 2018

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