Career Advice: SWE vs. Management Consulting

Hi everyone,

I am a current Junior (international student) at a low/semi-target T10 university majoring in CS. I am debating between an SWE internship at a Big-N company (but not FAANG) and a more business-oriented internship at an F500 company next Summer. It'll be my last internship before graduation.

For some background information, I've always wanted to become a management consultant but didn't start pursuing the path until this past month thinking it was impossible because I go to a non-target school. I am planning to go all-in (networking/ case prep) next Fall to get a full-time job at MBB, but I know that the chances are pretty slim. I do have the basic qualifications (3.9 GPA, leadership role at consulting club), but since I am an international student, I wouldn't be eligible to apply for Big 4/second tier firms.

The biggest pro of doing an SWE internship next Summer is that I'll have a solid backup plan. I could get a return offer for a full-time SWE position and recruiting for FT would be significantly easier with a Big-N internship on my resume. While SWE is not where my passion lies, it is a job that could reliably offer visa sponsorship and a 6 figure salary.

However, I also feel like it is in my best interest to get a business-related internship (either consulting or business analytics), hopefully at a Fortune 500 company, to boost my chances to get a full-time position at MBB. This is based on the fact that most of the alumni who got a new grad position at MBB from our school did internships at either a consulting firm, F500, or BB.

One last option would be doing a combined master's program (extending 1-2 more semesters) and trying to recruit for a summer intern position at MBB next recruiting cycle.

Ultimately, my situation comes down to a choice between going all-in for my passion (with significant risk) or having a backup plan with a lower chance of getting my dream job. How do yall think?

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Nov 12, 2021 - 12:55am

Trust me you don't really have to choose between safety and passion here. It is absolutely possible to go from SWE at a top company (not sure what big-N is) but if the company is well-known unicorn or smth this well definitely not hinder you from MBB recruiting. As long as you have your why swe to consulting story straight, this experience makes you a good unique candidate 

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Nov 12, 2021 - 9:02am

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