Career Choices - PIMCO or Ares?

Hi all,

It's nice to finally work up the courage to start posting on here.
I'll admit that there's a part of finance talk that intimidates me but there's an underlying exhilaration about it that I can't kick.
And that is why I'm here asking for your help.

Background (Optional Read)
I am an accountant who is currently finishing off her GEs at a JC. Next year I plan to attend Chapman University. (It's not a target school, but it's the alma mater to many known business people in the OC and their kids. I figure if I'm not born into the the top 10%, at least I can network enough to get there. Thoughts?) I decided to leave my job as an accountant at my current company. Since the job hunt has been rough, I enlisted the help of a couple recruiters and shared with them that I am looking to go into IB or PE.
My issue with the following positions I've been offered is that I don't know if choosing either of these will hurt or help my future goals of completing my degree in Finance and finding a job in IB or PE. Here's what's on the table:

  1. 6 month Contract position at PIMCO. This position is local, but full-time. Based on the job description, it will be a lot of due diligence and investor verification. I would only be able to go to school in the evenings. I'm holding on to an imaginary thread that somehow PIMCO will be flexible with my school schedule and allow me to work remote or odd hours. If this sounds like a ridiculous expectation, please kill my dreams now.
  2. Part-time staff accountant position at Ares Management. The office would be a one hour drive each way from my school. I'm not too ecstatic about the drive, but the compensation is 55% more than what I asked for. My issue here is that it is a staff accountant job. I fear that I'll be pigeon-holed into this role as a staff accountant for my entire career. (Being an accountant is dreadful. Tell a friend.) From what I

As the wise professionals in your field, who would you sell my soul to to guarantee the best return?

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Aug 6, 2019

*bump... because I'd like to actually talk to someone about how to make career decisions. Excuse the sob story, but I don't have direct access to financial professionals in my life.

Aug 7, 2019


Aug 7, 2019

What is the title for your PIMCO position?

Aug 8, 2019

Compliance Analyst

Aug 7, 2019

You haven't started full-time undergraduate yet, am I correct? Is this a second degree outside of accounting?

The PIMCO job title would be important to know. You'll have time to recruit for internships or part-time work once you transfer to wherever you get in. I wouldn't accept any offers that make you feel uneasy unless you absolutely must choose a job now.

If this is a contract you are being offered and it is a support role you don't care about then skip it and focus on school. Otherwise, the PIMCO offer sounds like it is in client research, compliance, or something similar; you didn't provide enough information to say definitively.

Aug 7, 2019

lol saw the WS0 logo and thought that this was at first

Aug 8, 2019

Apologies. The position at PIMCO is for a compliance analyst, and I am pursuing my first degree in Finance.

College tuition will run me into a six figure debt if I'm not working to pay it off at the same time. I do feel a bit uneasy about it being full time as I'm trying to commit to finishing my degree.

I have a sense that with PIMCO on my resume (though it is only a support role) may open up better opportunities for part time positions in the same industry. Or am I just getting way ahead of myself?

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Aug 8, 2019

I figured it was compliance because similar roles are common. You are way ahead of yourself. I would try to focus on school first and then get a relevant internship second. If you can manage working full-time/part-time and attend school simultaneously then more power to you. Personally, I would prioritize the one which offered the best pay and flexibility if you decide to work through school. You are only a freshman; neither accounting or compliance will hurt or help you if you want IB or PE.

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Aug 8, 2019