Carry in Family Office

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Hi all,

do you have experience on how to best structure a carried interest plan within a family office (1 LP investing all private money)?

My contract says I will participate in a carry model under standard market conditions - no details yet. I did not have to pay in any money into this. The context in a family office is also different: no duration/runtime of the "fund", no fixed amount of "fund" volume. I came into the team several months ago, was given some ventures to grow and manage, of which 1 we will most likely sell our shares very successfully for 50m USD (currently holding 15%), our total investment amount was 250k $ (one-time payment) - I came within in the year, played a major role in increasing the company value.

How would you structure a carry plan, that is ideal for me? How can I let my 5 other colleagues participate, so there will be no future conflicts of venture allocation?

Do you have any resources as must-read? Any templates for such plans/models?

Thanks for your support/advice!

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Dec 13, 2017