Cass Msc Investment Management London and Lancaster Msc Finance

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Received offers from both-Msc Investment Management from Cass (Msc Finance was my first choice) and Msc Finance from Lancaster

-awaiting response from Warwick, Cranfield, Edinburgh (for Msc Finance ) and from LBS (MFA)

2 questions:
1)Given that FT ranks Lancaster at 27 and Cass at 20 (for Msc Finance), Is it a cause for concern to not have Cass' investment management programme ranked on ft?

2)Is Msc Finance ranked highly/more sought after by employers? I'm an international student and want to enhance my employability

Profile: 1st class BBA degree from UK and 1 year big 4 experience in India. Cleared CFA level 1 and sitting for Level 2 this year. Interested equity research, asset management and IB. Thanks in advance.

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Jun 11, 2018

Cass >>> Lancaster

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Jun 11, 2018

Like Goldman Sachs and Fineco hahaha

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Jun 12, 2018