Changing jobs once before going buyside after 2 years. Have an offer to interview with another consultancy.

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My goal was to move from my tier 2 consulting firm to a sector VC/PE fund after 2 years. I have made contacts at almost every fund I would like to one day work at, and they know where I work.

Now, I have received a request to interview with an MBB (tier 1) consulting firm. They want to bring me on board as an experienced hire since I specialized from day 1 at my current consulting firm.

My question: is it a bad look to have 2 jobs before moving to VC/PE? I would effectively have had my T2 job for 7ish months and then this MBB job for another 1ish+ year before the timeline to move to VC/PE (PE firms largely off cycle as it were because they are smaller).


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Jan 16, 2018

In other words, I am wondering if contacts at these firms will say "Oh, we were interested in this guy, but he switched jobs early and will have been at neither of them for 2 years, no longer interested" based on a perception that I am mercenary.

If it is relevant, my current job is at a sector specific DD practice, whereas the new job would be in the same sector, including DDs, but with a broader range of commercial, federal, nonprofit, etc. work.

Jan 16, 2018

no, I think if you have a solid 1+ year at an MBB you will get better looks than a T2 but get the offer first and then start worrying.

Jan 16, 2018

Good point, though I am optimistic because they approached me rather than vice versa.

Jan 16, 2018


Jan 16, 2018