Corp finance Financial analyst career.. please help

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1st year FA in a small plant at F500 company, graduated BA in accounting with 120 units (can sit on CPA exam, but licensure) 5 years ago. Was an corp accountant at small private company after graduation.

What I am currently concerning about is that I heard that if I would like to move up the ladder in Corp Fin (such as manager and higher in FP&A), CPA is a must, is that correct? If so, what's the realistic moves I can make on that since I do not have enough education hours (that may be made up by going for master accounting, but what's the point of going master accounting for Corp fin especially when I have BA in accounting) and at the same time, I would not have experience hours in order to get my CPA lincensure unless I work at public accounting under valid CPA holder. If not, what will be the option for me instead of getting CPA or MBA?

Any help will be very appreciated.

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Oct 11, 2016

In regards to the CPA. This is very state dependent but a lot of state do not require the additional 30+ hours to be in accounting. Furthermore, some states require no additional business classes outside of the core credits amount to sit for the exam. For instance, if you meet the criteria to sit (enough accounting and business credits) you can literally take yoga at your local community college to gain credits towards the 150 (state-dependent).

As for experience - most state did away with the audit requirement 3 years ago and will accept any type of validate business experience to qualify for those hours. (In your case, your entire career.)

Link below is a state by state requirement for the exam, by touches on licensing requirements.

Oct 11, 2016

keep working, gain experience, climb the corporate ladder. CPA is, in my opinion, NOT necessary at all - why would it be?

i'd say as important are communication skills.

Oct 13, 2016