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IF I don't make a career move, I have a corporate finance role waiting when I get back from Germany next summer. It will likely be a FP&A type role for a business unit, unless I can find a way into treasury. The company is very brand focused and it is a business casual environment. 

I want to get your opinion on the best approach to business casual. I still plan to wear solid quality items (Allen Edmonds or better shoes, BB, etc). I am debating if it would be better to go suit/no tie--maybe patterned shirts and even more forward shades of suits (nothing too outlandish, just slightly more bright or patterned than what would normally be worn on Wall Street), or if I should stick with the tradition slacks/ shirt, or go with a mix of the two based on the day. I will always have my Navy and Charcoal suits for when I need to turn it up and be more polished. 

Also, does anyone have a recommendation for good MTM suits, slacks, and shirts? I need something that is a good value and good quality. I am an odd size and off-the-rack often requires a LOT of tailoring. 


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Oct 29, 2021 - 7:33am

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