Credit analyst at BB vs. f500 corp fin

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I have been working in corp fin at a f500 for a year after graduating.

I am switching jobs and wondering which is better: credit analyst at BB or continue in corp fin at another f500?
Also, is a credit analyst position (supporting loan origination) in the capital finance group considered back, middle or front office?


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Mar 15, 2014


Mar 15, 2014

This is a wallstreet-biased forum, and I am no exception, but I think most reasonable people would tell you to take the credit research job at a BB.

My assumption here is that this is a role covering CDS and corporate bonds in fixed income research, perhaps for a certain industry. Research is part of the frontoffice.

Expect to work 70 hours/week for the next couple of years.

Mar 15, 2014

thanks. the role is to support loan origination by researching potential companies etc.

Mar 22, 2014