Credit HF - Credit Agreement Case Study (6-8 Hours with 150 Questions)

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Hey All,

So I got selected to go in for an in person interview with a lean and quite new High Yield Credit HF. The first round consisted of a 60 min online survey that was about 25% behavioral and 75% technical. I was the only candidate selected, based on the survey, to come in or the in person. I have a 5 hour in person interview that consists of 1-1.5 hrs with each member of the firm (Senior Analyst, COO, Managing Partner and CIO/Founding Partner)

Additionally, I will be expected to complete a 6-8 hour credit agreement project/case study that consists of 150+ questions. (expectation is this will come after the in person)

I have the holidays to prepare for both the in person and case study. Any advice on material to buy/read, cerain technical/quant topics I should focus on, or overall general tips/knowledge?

I work in IB currently and have a lot of credit history in regards to evaluating bonds and etc etc..

Thanks in advance! And happy holidays to all!!

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Dec 22, 2018

Pragmatists's guide to leveraged finance ( probably the best buy, easiest to read, and the most amount of detail you'll need for someone that has some finance experience.

I wouldn't go too deep on the credit/covenant work but more so generally have an understanding of different types of covenants and what might be required in any situation.

No need for any quant knowledge - know things like leverage, LTV, YTM, etc. Sounds like if you have credit history then you'll be fine. If you want thoughts on the fund PM me and I'll let you know if I have any info. Good luck.

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Jan 2, 2019

Sorry for the late response to your reply. Went offline for the holidays. I appreciate the insight. if I have any additional follow ups ill be sure to PM you.

Dec 27, 2018