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Dear forum,

I wanted to ask in your opinion how do IB/ER/S&T recruiters see an experience in a credit rating agency on a candidate's resume? Is it considered a good first experience in finance?

Here's some background on me:
- MSc in Engineering from a French school
- SA 2018 in the Back office of a BB
- Big 4 internship in Technology consulting

I've been trying to hustle my way into high finance, and pursued a MFin (2019-2021) from a reputable French university.

For this summer I landed a SA in a credit rating agency, and next year I will try to get an off-cycle Internship in IB/ER/S&T, in Paris or London.

So what is according to you the industry's overall perception on a first finance experience in CRAs?

Thanks for your advice!

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May 11, 2020 - 9:03am

Best thing to do is Linkedin research as most advice will probably be anecdotal. I can tell you one guy from my university did a SA stint in IB in SEA and tried to recruit for London IB. Didn't cut it and ended up at a Credit Rating Agency. Stayed a few months then left for a start up. Not sure if he tried to re-recruit for IB from the CRA but in his case it didn't look very doable.

May 12, 2020 - 7:59am

I think it depends on which team you are. Some people make the switch to levfin/DCM/internal credit rating teams in IB.
Structure finance is more niche for sure but can help if you're applying for Structured finance roles either on the IB side (Consumer loans structuring, Catastrophe bonds) or on the S&T side (CLO Structuring).

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