Current Sales Analyst in a BB, but plans to go to a prop shop as a trader

Hi Fellow Monkeys,

Pretty stressed and confused right now so any advice is appreciated!

I am currently a first-year sales analyst at a BB (GS/MS/JP, return offer) in APAC areas (HK/SG). But sales is not my first choice, assigned to this role because of department restructuring sort of staff. (Informed me less than 2 months before onboarding so no time applying for other places)

At the beginning of this year, I had an FT offer (graduate quant trader) from a tier 2 prop shop in Chicago. I could not take it since I was not in the States at that time so I could not apply for OPT.  So has to take the sales offer and so here I am. (Btw, I had my undergraduate at Top 20 with a math major (not targeted for finance industry though) and a master at Top 5) 

I wonder which is a better choice to switch back to the trading field? Internal transfer to a trading desk after 12 months as a sales (is it possible?) or try to find some relatively unknown local shops as a junior trader and then see if can get into the tier1 shops at local and then maybe back to the States?

I have to say the gaps between prop shops at HK/SG are too large. There is Jane street / Citadel but the companies left are just unknown, correct me if I am wrong. Pretty sure I am not up to the Jane street level, at least for now lol. So pretty limited choices. 

Not sure whether I can still apply for the graduate roles now since I have onboarded. 

Pretty stressed now since I thought if I work as a sales for a long time there is no chance to switch back to trading? Any advice is appreciated!!! 

Thanks for reading and your time.  Cheers.

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