D.E. Shaw Fundamental Research group

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone have some insights into D.E. Shaw Group's Fundamental Research program. How difficult is it to break into straight from undergrad? Is anyone familiar with the role?
The posting on their website says:
"Research analysts are vital to the firm's fundamental investing groups, and we're looking for talented individuals with a unique perspective to join our team. Research analysts will be placed in one of four groups for the summer (Long/Short Equity, Credit Opportunities, Special Situations Arbitrage, or Asset-Backed Securities) where they will research, analyze, and perform due diligence on potential investments, all while gaining exposure to live deals as they progress. Strong candidates may have a passion for investing, but they may also be newcomers to the field and simply interested in tackling complex, multi-faceted problems. A demonstrated aptitude for financial analysis is a plus, as are excellent communication skills and previous internship experience at an investment bank, alternative asset manager, or long-only manager, though time spent working in finance is only one of many paths that can lead to an internship with us. Successful interns in this role will not only analyze new investment ideas but will also contribute unique ideas of their own."

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Bump curious about this as well

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bump pls explain

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Stellar distressed group

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