Debt for a part-time MSRE?

I've got 4 years of CRE credit underwriting experience and I just made the jump to the equity side of things doing acquisitions and AM in a rapidly growing secondary market. My UG was a complete non-target that has no ties to my current market. I plan to stay in my current market long term and I envisioned myself doing a local MSRE part-time that is well respected locally. I figured it would be good networking given the local focus and would make my resume look a bit better if I ever needed/wanted to move to a different shop/market down the road. I'm in my mid-late twenties and the window is closing for grad school.

Despite being part-time, I would still probably have to take on a good amount of debt, 40-60k, to pay the tuition depending on scholarships. While the $ amount is significantly lower than what people are paying for MBAs and law school, an MSRE also carries less weight. I guess I could pay the debt off within 2 years given my current bonus levels but I'd also like to start saving for a house.

Is the resume arms race as real as people on here say it is? Will I regret not doing grad school ten years down the road when I'm up for senior positions? Is going into that much debt for an MSRE that isn't top tier a waste of time/money given that I already got a job on the principal side? What're y'alls thoughts?

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Aug 9, 2019

What do you plan on getting from the MSRE? What are your long term plans?

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Aug 9, 2019
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