Deciding between an MS Finance from Georgetown or MS Finance from Indiana, before applying to MBA Programs

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I'm currently deciding between Georgetown and Indiana for a MS in Finance. I'm on the road 4-5 days a week as a travelling consultant so both of these programs being online really suit me. They're both part-time programs as well.

I'm not willing to leave my full time job for a MS and would only leave my current position if it was a full time MBA from a top school.

The idea is I complete a MS in Finance (within 2-3 years) and apply to a top MBA program around 27-28 years old.

During the MS Program, I would like to switch to Deloitte's S&O M&A team or Deloitte corporate finance group. Post MBA, I would like to work at LEK or possibly even try and target a Growth Equity or VC firm.

Columbia is my dream MBA program so anything I can do to strengthen my academic credentials prior to applying to B School is my intent. (I've already been admitted to a few average MBA schools based on the GRE score, not GMAT, including GW/UMD Smith - however opted out). My undergraduate GPA is 2.52 so I'm willing to drop 60-70K on a Masters to prove I can succeed academically and have since turned things around. I'm currently taking a standalone finance class and performing well.

Which school would you recommend? Also, would you recommend any other online part-time programs?