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Sep 27, 2011

Two questions:
1) Did they call and say, "we would like you to come on this date? Does that work for you?" If you said yes, than you shouldn't delay it. If you have an option, try and delay it, but with good reason (they'll know its phony). You don't want to seem as if this job isn't the most important thing for you right now.

2) Are they paying for it?

I have an interview coming up in a few days in a city which I have to fly too.... I told them I had to check with my current job to see if I could get time off and that I would be able to interview in 2-3 weeks. Well, they got back to me and said they'd like to have me down in 10 days. So, what did I do? I said, "Sounds great, look forward to meeting with you then." Why did I do this? Because if they want me sooner, rather than later, I take that as a good sign. I want to get in front of them ASAP and show them i'm serious about it.

An extra week or two may help you prepare for an extra question or two here and there. But I would suggest taking the interview when they have it scheduled to show you're serious. Just practice your story and work in what you know into it. And if you were able to get an interview from McKinsey, you should know your stuff. Just review the standard questions between now and then and you'll do fine.

Best of luck my friend. Let me know how things go.

Sep 29, 2011

Get it!