Dilemma - Master in Finance at St. Gallen or Bocconi?

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Hey guys,

I'm currently facing a bit of a luxury problem, as I got accepted to both the Master in Banking and Finance at St. Gallen and the MSc Finance at Bocconi. Both universities also gave me a scholarship that cover most of the tuition fee, so I'm not sure what to choose.

St. Gallen:
- Top business school of the German speaking region, great prospects for banking in Zurich etc, but what about internationally?
- Speaking German seems to be a big plus here. I've had German in high school but my level is not that great.
- Programme takes 1.5 year (90 EC).

- Top business school in Italy, with superb exposure to Italian banks, but I think also maybe better connected to London banks, compared to St. Gallen?
- I don't speak any Italian. Is that a problem?
- Programme takes 2 years (180 EC), mandatory internship included.

Probably I'm most interested in working in IB in London after graduating, due to fluency in English and the big city feeling. However, a city like Zurich certainly also has its appeal.

Basically, how do you think these two universities and their programmes compare to each other? Which programme will give me the best (international) job prospects?

Thanks a lot for any input!