Disney Offers ‘Star Wars’ Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

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Everyone that knows Star Wars knows that It generates A LOT of money. It looks as if Disney wants to increase that potential even more (why wouldn't they) with an augmented scavenger hunt? According to an article by the New York Times;

"Starting on Sept. 1, Disney will begin rolling out merchandise tied to "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," ...the company has come up with a promotional stunt that is striking in its breadth: Some 20,000 stores in 30 countries will offer an augmented reality event that will allow participants to uncover "Last Jedi" characters.:

How it works is you download their app and use it whilst in a Disney store. Stores contain place cards that interact with the app to reveal new star wars characters. These characters and place cards change daily. Of course it wouldn't be complete with the addition of some give away, that's only available if you use social media to share your experience.

As the article mentions the reason behind this stunt is;

Disney, which announced the event in the middle of the night on Thursday, is trying to do three things: sell a ton of "Star Wars" merchandise; activate the "Star Wars" fan base in support of the new movie; and draw in new fans, particularly younger ones captivated by technology. Augmented reality had its breakout moment last summer, when the smartphone game Pokemon Go became a national craze.

What do you all think will result from this experiment? Could Disney actually pull this off with not only youth but older fans?


Disney's scavenger augmented reality hunt

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Aug 24, 2017

NO THANKS, I'll wait for an augmented reality SEX DUNGEON to DISRUPT the industry!

Aug 24, 2017

I enjoy watching Star Wars movies, but I wouldn't participate in this. Personally, I have never seen a Disney store before, and unless a person lives by one, I don't think people will take part in this -- not even the hardcore and dedicated Star Wars fans.

Aug 25, 2017

While I think it's a cool idea, chances that I will participate are close to 0.
Looking forward to the movie, tho

Aug 26, 2017

Do you think youth will participate? I'm sure that's Disney's "real" target audience

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Aug 26, 2017