Does this PE junior summer internship sound like a good intro to PE?

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Hello all,

I have just been offered an internship at an investment consultant firm, that has over $750B AUM, in their PE research group. I just wanted to see if you all thought this sounded like a good junior internship to break into other dedicated PE firms for full-time.

  • Assist in performing and sourcing due diligence on fund investment opportunities across both private credit strategies and private equity;
  • Assist in improving internal proprietary data sets to better leverage the data that XYZ generates from managers in the market;
  • Assist in improving XYZ's data by systematically capturing data from our focused placement list, prospective funds, and managers;
  • Assist in building an internal fund term database;
  • Assist in improving the data that we capture on funds relating to target investment and company sizes;
  • Assist in improving upon third party data sources by applying additional characterizations of individual funds and managers; and
  • Assist in building out the impact fund database which will result in a more robust source of information on institutional managers.

I just wanted to ask if this sounded like a good introduction/internship for PE. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Mar 13, 2019