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I worked as a Software Engineer in big G but I am now moving to Goldman Sachs as a Technology Associate.

Now the problem is that I'm not sure how the dress code works for the tech employees because my interviewers had a diverse range of outfits from (polo + jeans) to (long-sleeved dress shirts + tie) perhaps depending on their level (?) I also did research on some WSO threads about bankers' attires but didn't find anything for tech.

My plan is to buy stuff (see below) that are just a notch lower than what a banker in my same level would wear. I want to hear your opinion on whether these are overkill for someone who just sits all day and doesn't talk to clients (lol).

  1. Seiko SARB033 $300 (already owned)
  2. Allen Edmonds Firenze Italian Loafers (Brown) $450
  3. Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Dress Shirt (Light blue) $180
  4. Brooks Brothers Wool Trousers (Navy Blue) $300


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Oct 13, 2017

That sounds like a pretty safe outfit. After you start you get an understanding of the written rules (whats in the handbook) and informal rules (what people actually do)

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Oct 18, 2017

It's a safe outfit, but also no need to go with brands that level of $ given your role. That's also overpaying for the Brooks Brothers stuff and probably the shoes as well, though I don't know that model of Allen Edmonds. These are things that are on sale fairly frequently.

You will be just fine wearing $150-$200 shoes (Cole Haan has some decent ones in this range), Charles Tyrwhitt shirts that are ~$180 or less for 4 (very heavily worn by bankers at analyst/associate level) and some decent slacks from Joseph A Banks for ~$100 each if you buy a few.

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Oct 18, 2017