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Hi Everyone,

I'm in my late 20s, working for a fortune 500 as a BU Financial Controller. IB has been my dream since I was a kid but due to personal reasons and despite a 6 month internship after graduating from a FT top 15 MSc I had to go for FMCG to make sure my parents back home had a stable source of income (I entered the job market back in 2014 and to my knowledge there was a lot of downsizing going on in IB).
I am at the point where I would like to move back to IB possibly in Risk or Equity Research, I'm proficient in R and Python.
I'm looking into an MBA, likely Johnson 1Y or Tuck but being a newbie I wanted to hear from anyone who has successfully managed the transition or that has a more up to date idea about where US BB recruit.

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Jan 26, 2018 - 11:26pm

Hi Adam667, don't worry, the WSO Monkey Bot is here.... I'm hoping one of these links will help find your answer:

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No promises, but maybe one of our professional members will share their wisdom: SpacemanSpiff ShoogSpot Moneyball

I hope those threads give you a bit more insight.

Jan 26, 2018 - 11:27pm

F500 Supply Chain Leadership Program to Boutique IBD, without doing an MBA?? (Originally Posted: 10/11/2011)


Is it possible to go from a F500 Supply Chain Leadership Program to a Boutique IBD, without doing an MBA?

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Jan 26, 2018 - 11:28pm

It's possible to go to a boutique IB from anything finance related. This depends on several things though. Don't expect to land Jefferies or HL from where you are. Look at small shops with 5-30 people doing deals in the lower half of the middle market. It also helps if you graduated from a good school with some name recognition. Look for boutiques in the city where you are from as well as the city where you went to school; you'll have the best chance here. It will take a lot of research, cold calling/emailing and networking, but it's definitely possible. I did AM for a year before transferring to boutique IB.

Jan 26, 2018 - 11:29pm

Which area to start out in F500 rotational for Investment Banking i (Originally Posted: 05/03/2012)

Human Resources
Sales (like actual cold calling)
Product Management

What would be your top 3 choices assuming your an undergrad?

Jan 26, 2018 - 11:31pm

An insurance company I assume?

In order I would choose:
Product Management - Underwriting - Finance - Actuarial

skip HR, IT, Sales, and Claims.

Money Never Sleeps? More like Money Never SUCKS amirite?!?!?!?
Jan 26, 2018 - 11:32pm


Why did you pick those functions in that order and what do you suppose would be in store for those positions? I ask since I'm not all that sure what product management/underwriting is, I know finance is like corp finance and managing budgets so why would that be a bad choice? and yes it is an insurance company.

I also felt like Actuarial Intern would be most "prestigious" for i-banking, but I'm not nearly good enough at math to actually pass the tests/become an actuary. It couldn't hurt for one summer though!

Jan 26, 2018 - 11:33pm

let me qualify my statements...

first off, nothing you do in any of these programs will be directly related to IB, so anything is a stretch. but i chose this order because

Product Management - deals with managing the strategy of products. you will look at things like the market for these products and the cost/benefits of offering different product lines, etc. Not directly related to IB, but similar to corporate strategy in a way and will therefore will probably give you some credibility when applying ot IB

Underwriting - Not as "prestigious" as underwriting securities at an investment bank, but underwriting insurance products will surely give you exposure to some of the same concepts

Finance - Yup... managing budgets and stuff, not quite as relevant as underwriting is to an IB role

Actuarial - True, actuaries are reknowned for their quantative skills, but the type of projects you get put on may be totally irrelevant. My summer internship during my junior year was as an actuarial intern at a F500 insurance company, and they had me do a "mortality study" all summer... it was pretty lame. also, nobody knows what an actuary is, so you may not be impressing anyone.

Money Never Sleeps? More like Money Never SUCKS amirite?!?!?!?
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Jan 26, 2018 - 11:40pm

Best F500 Companies/Industries to work for before IB? (Originally Posted: 08/18/2014)

What companies not related to finance are the most ideal to work for in college if one plans to swtich into finance later?

I am at a top 5 engineering school pursuing the number one degree program in the country. I have free pick of F500 companies besides most high finance institutions. Would consulting at a company like Deloitte or KPMG be ideal, or would a more rigorous but less related company like NASA or SpaceX be better?

Jan 26, 2018 - 11:41pm

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