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I have a first round interview with FTP next week, for NYC office. Is anyone else in the process?

Also got an email to schedule an interview at the same time as an email to take an online test. Thought the test was supposed to be to get the interview but who knows

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  • Prospect in IB - Gen
May 22, 2021 - 6:45pm

Ok, so that makes sense. But I got an email to schedule a first round AND an email to take the test. Does that mean I don't have to take the test if I already got an interview?

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  • Prospect in IB - Gen
Jul 3, 2021 - 4:46am

Received NYC superday yesterday (Friday). God I have to go bed earlier lol. Didn't know there was a FTP thread made my own one lol. I also got a 1st round and test invite at the same time like you. Skipped doing the test and hasn't affected my app at all.

  • Prospect in IB - Gen
Aug 5, 2021 - 5:00pm

Have you still not heard back? I just got the invite for the final round senior banker interview today. This is besides the 3 superday interviews. How was the final round interview and when was your superday?

Aug 30, 2021 - 2:40pm

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